Sunday, March 16, 2008

birthday treasure

Ah quilt day.

I must start this blog with a slight explanation. I have never been much of a joiner. As Randal would say "I hate people but I love gatherings". I don't actually hate people I just don't really get them and organized groups have the tendency to cause folks to revert to playground mentalities.
No thanks!
That being said I was encouraged to join my local quilt guild by several different people in my life and so I did. This group of gals has turned out to be pretty fantastic, warm, welcoming, encouraging, open minded, the list goes on. I am aware that this is somewhat rare in the quilting world (and the regular world) but I am glad to have stumbled into the right place (it happens to me a lot).
I've been introduced to many things thanks to my involvement with this group.One of the best being this magical place called the treasure table. It's a mini guild yard sale. They have them when ever they gather for any kind of show. As a lover of old things and fabric and low prices, this is heaven for me. The pic above is 5 yards of vintage cotton dress fabric that was still stiff with the original sizing, that I purchased as part of a $5 grab bag. I'm sure it's going to be my new favorite dress. There were several other fabrics in my grab bag in interesting patterns and sizable quantities. I'm not sure as of yet what their fates will be. My goal for now is to find the perfect dress pattern for my prefect fabric.

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