Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sew much sewing just because

my sewing is always eclectic and varied ( a great thing for my very short attentions span). the last few days have allowed me to produce
a custom photo lovey for my nephew William ,

a set of burp rags for my 15 yr old cousin's new baby Eliza Janell,

and Andy's costume for her school play. I have no photo of A's costume but I did the math as I was hemming (and hemming and hemming) today and I made almost 100 yards of ruffle for her costume. Dang, that is one heavy skirt.

All this and I haven't sewn a single thing that pays.
Always a nice way to roll.

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Rachel Schmalz said...

I didn't get to see the jacket! Okay, now I'm inspired to get all my gear out again and do something with it. Damn, it all looks so nice and organized up on the shelves of my closet.