Sunday, April 27, 2008


Last night was Andy's junior prom. She looked amazing! Her date is a very sweet and shy boy who we all think is pretty cool.

They looked like movie stars. Andy in her flowing gown and Rick in his interestingly stylish no lapel tux and bowler.

There was much curiosity about how Andy would do her eyebrows. The answer of course is with an unmatched style and flair.

After several hund
red pix the kids piled into a white limo (to Melanie Griffith saying "I'm not Liberachi's god damned boyfriend" in my head) and headed off to Nagasaki to eat sushi. They danced the night away at the armory and then headed to the high school for after prom (consisting of rock climbing, raffles and assorted other games until 4am). I'm sure she will sleep all day, so it will be dinner before we get the gory details on the whole experience.



Summerset said...

They look awesome! Very cool, and very stylish!

Lillian said...

the boy is super cute andy way to go

and you look smashing