Thursday, April 24, 2008


So, yesterday my gals and I went to Paducah for "the big show". I t was a lovely day as weather goes and more fun that a barrel of monkeys company wise. Terry had a giant corn dog for lunch.
Andy was huge in Paduch as always. She had ladies stop to tell her how beautiful and amazing she was at least 20 times. Some of them going so far as to stand ad stroke her cheek like I do
(get off my cool aide beetch). She even made up a new game, I can't post the title (it is soooo inappropriate) but we laughed so hard I though they might ask us to leave for having too much fun.
This always one of my favorite road trips. It's so inspiring to see the results of all of these talented folk's hard word.
This year the prevalent themes seemed to be alphabets and Hawaiian appliqué, although I did not see a single Hawaiian appliqué alphabet (maybe next year). To me it was very different show as far as color choices. The winners were all very dark and sort of solid looking (even though several of them were made with hand dyed fabric). I'm sure it's just a trend in quilting that I have not noticed because I wasn't paying attention ( much like geometry class).
I won't show pixs of any of the quilt without permission, but here's Andy with one we titled "the Emperor's new quilt".
The quilts were fantastic and the # of venders overwhelming. There were so many wonderful fabrics and trims. We bought bits and bobs from so many places. I even learned that all the years I have been going that there was an entire section I didn't even know was there. I though Terry was trying to sell me an elevator pass when she said "let's go to the pool area". We had a total blast with Tom at the Bernina booth talking about non sewing things.

I bought this unreal fabric (no you can't have it Jes) from a lovely Australian couple.

Then there was our new favorite eatery. It's on the strip as you head out of town. If you don't know we are great lovers of non chain restaurant food. "Yesterdays" did not disappoint. The outside of the building was covered in steel and neon and inside was a sea of formicah and chrome in red, white and black. Then there was the food; all the burgers are hand pattied doubles, the fries are like Zesto's and they have all manner of ice cream concoctions. it was delicious! next time we go I'll shoot pix of the outside of the building and be sure to ask what a "concrete" is (it's in neon on the front with other words like "shakes " and "ice cream").

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Summerset said...

Glad you had fun! I didn't stop at that booth due to getting too close to closing time at the Expo center and having two children in tow, but that is *wonderful* fabric!