Saturday, May 31, 2008

GOT MILK glass?

This morning Z called me to say that our now deceased neighbor's possessions were being sold in their garage. I finished my coffee and sauntered down the street to check it out. I was in no hurry since I knew that it really began yesterday and was surely picked over. I do love an old lady yard sale though. There were few items of interest: lots of canning jars, an old sewing box, one of the most frightening house coats I've ever seen, hundreds of glasses, and what seemed to be a clothing brush with a zipper pocket on the back ( I did not open it). There was however one thing that caught my eye. It was a large box of milk glass (something I have been really liking of late). So for $5 I have gained several sweet new pieces. Now I just have to find a spot for them. HMMMMMMM

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is the new and improved version of the bag I designed.

Andy of course has already claimed it.

I will be creating the fabric for mine. I have started, perhaps it will be done next week.

Now that the weather is nice I cleaned out the club house so that I could cast some acrylic.
Andy and I both chose some images and I poured the several layers to make them. I did learn that the ice tray method works better than candy molds.

This is the actual impetus for all the casting. Rachel may recognize the base ingredients. I have titled this piece "damn it Divi!"

My final project this week was some silk screening. I used some new and not very successful techniques. I will be sticking with the mod podge method from now on. I decided to add some free motion work over the top to help integrate the design. I like how it looks and will be doing much more of it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

this week

We started this week with Rick's graduation.Rick is Andy's new dude and he's totally cool. we moved on to silly mom and Andy my space shots, followed by her bailing to go to a pool party with Rick. summer is offically here (and she is a senior , just ask her!).
Luckily, Margo drove her folks up for some wonderful grilling, fresh produce and great company. followed by.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last night at Andy's school they presented Academy Awards for this years theater season. Andy has had a wonderful year being involved with all things drama at this new school. She made repeated attempts to do so at her last school and her talents were ignored. Her director here has used her abilities very wisely and Andy has really blossomed because of it. She won best actress for the fall drama "lend me a tenor", and best ensemble cast member for "hello dolly". She was lucky to have even been able to attend since she was out of school all week with a very nasty case of salmonella. The whole night was fun and hilarious (one wardrobe malfunction, Janet Jackson style, that most folks didn't notice but was confirmed by the photos I took of her at the podium). thank god for the netting on that dress.

Friday, May 16, 2008

the 70s

I came across this coffee mug at the thrifts today. I had to have it. The design was such a soothing step into my childhood. I remember lots of things with this "flavor" and I remember loving them all. I sense a new desire to collect things of this nature coming on. I don't think I'll fight it too hard.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

where's your girly purse?

I spent some of today working on my sample for the class I'm teaching in July. The one on the right is my class sample, made from an old skirt. I think I will do a series of old skirt classes as they come in great fabrics and have decent amounts of salvageable fabric in them.
The other is my pattern that I will refine. I'm not totally happy with the shape, but I can fix that. It only takes 2 fat quarters and is reversible. It's fast and easy. I'm sure it will make a fun class.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

new vintage the warm up

Several months ago I purchased some fantastic vintage fabric. 4 yards to be exact. it's enough to make a very kick ass dress(my favorite kind).

I didn't want to just slice into this treasure without a solid plan (unlike me I know, but we all grow up sometime). I found a pattern I liked and some interesting and reasonably priced cotton to make a test dress. it's coming along well, if slowly. My hand is giving me very little trouble (wooohooo).
As you can see Miss P is always a good helper, perhaps I'll teach her to hem.
I have altered a few parts of the pattern and so far like what I see. the neckline is a bit deep (I'm not much for cleavage , on me anyway).
It does lend itself to a ruffle across the bust to mimic the ones I added to the sleeves.

I also chose flat pleats around the waist instead of gatherers. I have plenty of back and require no help in that area.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I just want to wish all my mama's out there a happy day!

I am grateful every day for the life I have and the folks

I share it with.

My daughter is one of the best people I know and I am always proud to be her mom.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

balloons for a funeral?

Today really did suck.
the vet that was supposed to come and put Sam down "flaked" and called me to lie about why they were not going to come and put down my beautiful but agedly crippled dog, leaving me to hunt down another assassin. I was able to procure another, but then had to load my weak yet independent dog into and out of the car. this took an excruciating but decision affirming amount of time. Sam was feisty enough to use his only attempt (in his life) at biting a human to nip at his reaper. I was sad and proud at the same time. Zach was with us and buried him when we came home. I was so grateful.

the children came home and blew up 100 balloons for their favorite teachers B-day.
so our house was filled with love and laughter.

I have no strong opinion about today other than that my eyes ache.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tomorrow is going to suck!

Once upon a time ,13 years ago, a woman came into my work. She was talking to my boss about this dog she had who was just too hyper and how unless she found another home for it she was going to have it put to sleep. At that point I already had one large very hyper dog and so my boss sent her to me. I was appalled at the thought of her killing this young dog for being a young dog and promptly drove to her house to retrieve him. I called Zach first to tell him I was going to "look" at the dog. I'm sure he knew that that meant "we're getting another dog". He wasn't new even then.
Andy and I went to the house walked right up to the most beautiful dog I'd ever seen put a leash on him and took him home.
Since then he has been the sweetest, most loyal and hilarious dog we've ever had. I forgot to mention HAIRY. Sam was always ready to romp especially in the snow. He could always be found within 3 feet of me and whined every time Zach would hug me. He was always gentle and patient with everyone especially children and babies.
Over the past year he has really started to show his age (up until then strangers who encountered him always thought he was a puppy). The last few weeks have forced my hand, in that I promised him and myself that I would not allow him to suffer in any way when he got old. The past week the weakness in his hind legs has left him unable to stand on many occasions, truly forcing my hand. Tomorrow under the trees in the backyard the vet will come and euthanize him in my lap. We have tried to make these last few day as happy and comfortable as possible. He has only eaten candy corn, pork rinds and table scraps. I think he is enjoying that. we'll bury him out back with his kitties and be grateful to have had 13 years of love and happiness with him.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


All this started with the most amazing sugar skull patch on etsy purchased from lizmiera.
It was 8X10 and let's just say, inspiring.
add to this bit of fantasticalness the new sugar skull fabric I purchased in Paducah and you have a recipe for the best messenger bag I now own.
I'm sure I will rock it all summer!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Museum Show

This Sunday at the Warrick county museum in Boonville will be the reception for my first solo museum show. I honestly did not think I would ever say these words. I mean I always though I would be an artist and a mom when I grew up, I just didn't think anybody would be interested in what I did as an artist. I can hear Terry's voice on this topic right now.
Four years ago when Andy pulled that antique photo out of a bin in a West Virgina antique store I could not have imagined it would lead me here. What a total blast it has been.

I will also be involved in a group textile artist show at the Art council's new gallery in Evansville at the end of the summer with some amazing and talented artists. I have several other irons in the fire and can't wait to see what comes of it.