Wednesday, May 7, 2008

balloons for a funeral?

Today really did suck.
the vet that was supposed to come and put Sam down "flaked" and called me to lie about why they were not going to come and put down my beautiful but agedly crippled dog, leaving me to hunt down another assassin. I was able to procure another, but then had to load my weak yet independent dog into and out of the car. this took an excruciating but decision affirming amount of time. Sam was feisty enough to use his only attempt (in his life) at biting a human to nip at his reaper. I was sad and proud at the same time. Zach was with us and buried him when we came home. I was so grateful.

the children came home and blew up 100 balloons for their favorite teachers B-day.
so our house was filled with love and laughter.

I have no strong opinion about today other than that my eyes ache.


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