Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is the new and improved version of the bag I designed.

Andy of course has already claimed it.

I will be creating the fabric for mine. I have started, perhaps it will be done next week.

Now that the weather is nice I cleaned out the club house so that I could cast some acrylic.
Andy and I both chose some images and I poured the several layers to make them. I did learn that the ice tray method works better than candy molds.

This is the actual impetus for all the casting. Rachel may recognize the base ingredients. I have titled this piece "damn it Divi!"

My final project this week was some silk screening. I used some new and not very successful techniques. I will be sticking with the mod podge method from now on. I decided to add some free motion work over the top to help integrate the design. I like how it looks and will be doing much more of it.

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