Tuesday, May 13, 2008

new vintage the warm up

Several months ago I purchased some fantastic vintage fabric. 4 yards to be exact. it's enough to make a very kick ass dress(my favorite kind).

I didn't want to just slice into this treasure without a solid plan (unlike me I know, but we all grow up sometime). I found a pattern I liked and some interesting and reasonably priced cotton to make a test dress. it's coming along well, if slowly. My hand is giving me very little trouble (wooohooo).
As you can see Miss P is always a good helper, perhaps I'll teach her to hem.
I have altered a few parts of the pattern and so far like what I see. the neckline is a bit deep (I'm not much for cleavage , on me anyway).
It does lend itself to a ruffle across the bust to mimic the ones I added to the sleeves.

I also chose flat pleats around the waist instead of gatherers. I have plenty of back and require no help in that area.

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