Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tomorrow is going to suck!

Once upon a time ,13 years ago, a woman came into my work. She was talking to my boss about this dog she had who was just too hyper and how unless she found another home for it she was going to have it put to sleep. At that point I already had one large very hyper dog and so my boss sent her to me. I was appalled at the thought of her killing this young dog for being a young dog and promptly drove to her house to retrieve him. I called Zach first to tell him I was going to "look" at the dog. I'm sure he knew that that meant "we're getting another dog". He wasn't new even then.
Andy and I went to the house walked right up to the most beautiful dog I'd ever seen put a leash on him and took him home.
Since then he has been the sweetest, most loyal and hilarious dog we've ever had. I forgot to mention HAIRY. Sam was always ready to romp especially in the snow. He could always be found within 3 feet of me and whined every time Zach would hug me. He was always gentle and patient with everyone especially children and babies.
Over the past year he has really started to show his age (up until then strangers who encountered him always thought he was a puppy). The last few weeks have forced my hand, in that I promised him and myself that I would not allow him to suffer in any way when he got old. The past week the weakness in his hind legs has left him unable to stand on many occasions, truly forcing my hand. Tomorrow under the trees in the backyard the vet will come and euthanize him in my lap. We have tried to make these last few day as happy and comfortable as possible. He has only eaten candy corn, pork rinds and table scraps. I think he is enjoying that. we'll bury him out back with his kitties and be grateful to have had 13 years of love and happiness with him.


Summerset said...

What a beautiful dog, but oh how sad. I think you're being kind to your friend by not having him suffer or be put through many medical treatments. I have a 17 year old cat who will be 18 in December, and I think about things like this.

Lillian said...

sam was the best dog ever

i don't even like dogs and i loved him.

oh, i'm sorry you have to go through this!

happy mothers day - love l.