Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well my weekend began with a test drive of a new embroidery machine. These thing are so freak'n cool. They also will completely absorb you if your not careful. I am amazed that more women don't wander into the shop disheveled and starving. I am astounded at how quickly time slips away when I start playing with this thing.
I have finally finished my purse and I love it!

Then I finished Zach's chair cushion for his desk chair. He chose to have this monogram upon it.

I also produced these items just to see what this puppy would do. I was pretty pleased with the results.

When I wasn't sewing I came across this filthy but fantastic lamp. I thought I was going to get away with just washing it but it ended up needing to be rewired as well. Luckily I can read and follow instructions. It looks lovely in the living room.

Last but in no way least is the most amazing yard sale find ever! Zach and I blew off yoga Saturday morning and hit the sales. This photo shows our 2 big scores. The boots win best bargain of the day at a whopping $ .25 and the unicycle we scored for $10 from a guy who had been telling folks he didn't want to sell it all morning. I think he was won over when Zach admitted to our having had a tight rope in the back yard at one point. I am sadly too short to ride it but I'm sure Zach and Andy will be cruising it down the road in no time.


ella ellis said...

i'll be having that red viny embroidered thing, please. i'll be framing it, so no finishing needed. thanks.

and the lamp looks fantastic!

lisa said...

it's all yours
and thanks we love it too.