Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bb blanket

Here is the pieced top ready for quilting. The colors are more like the ones in the last post. They are not really this severe.
I will be making this type of quilt again. It's super quick and very cute.

Friday, July 25, 2008

kids, babies and kitsch

So a few weeks ago I saw an interesting way to display small pieces of vintage fabric. They were inserting them into embroidery hoops and hanging them on the wall.
I loved the look of it with one exception. The screw on the frame. I'm not sure why (perhaps it's some 80's flash back) but I couldn't get past that. It just felt like under those amazing vintage fabrics hid a lace duck hot glued onto some "country blue" fabric with bad lace around the edge.
I have made several unsuccessful attempts to create this look without the dreaded screw. Yesterday I came across the answer, vintage metal embroidery hoops. I had seen these long ago but they did not come to mind while trying to solve this dilemma.

They are perfect. They are a lovely tarnished gray and have a very subtle spring instead of the offensive screw. They are lined with cork for a good strong hold as well. The thrift only had 3 so maybe some rotation of fabric will occur and I will no doubt be on the hunt for them from now on.
Regardless I love them!

Andy and Margo are the cutest red heads I know!
(Jes read no further lest you ruin the surprise)

Margo will be one very soon and with the new machine I have begun her birthday quilt. The illuminated letters are fantastic and the fabric I found is adorable. I have the design worked out in my head so it should be done very soon.

This will be the front with a nice dotted soft yellow flannel for the back.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is one of the new Halloween embroideries I stitched out for the shop. I used it to try out the other facets of my new machine. It did quite well.
I had hoped to do some free motioning practice and then work on my big piece but Andy wanted to stitch out a design and we spent a lot of the day just perusing the many possibilities. She has done a fair bit of sewing herself this week. She moved the old viking into her room and has altered several t-shirts. She is also almost as enthralled by the embroidery machine as I am.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This morning I dragged the wavy chair out of the club house and set to redoing it.
I vacuumed all the baby spiders and their mommies out of the backside and then dragged it into the living room. It is as heavy and unwieldy as it looks.
It did only take a couple hours to upholster.

As you can see Wesley likes it just where it is.
LeeLoo helped me the whole time by sitting on some portion of it every time I turned it over. She was not even deterred when I rocked it as hard as I could.
The decision now must be made regarding the additiond of legs.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

take'n it back

So I've been searching for a "new" chair or love seat for the living room to fill the space left by the silver tone and then I remembered that I already own it.
I think we put the wavy chair away 5 years ago. This wonderful family heirloom is going to rise again, with the help of $3 worth of perfectly matched fabric.
I'm going to pull it out of the club house strip the old upholstery and vacuum out all the spiders tomorrow and I'll be reading in it by tomorrow night. This will be the second time I've recovered this chair. It's a little tricky but not too bad.
During Zach's childhood it was covered in lt. pink fun fur. I did leave that on when I recovered it the last time (for nostalgia's sake). As you can see from the pic. LeeLoo is making sure the new covering is good enough for us to sit on. It's hard to believe you could match a 50 yr old damask as well as I did.
This other fabric is some I just couldn't leave at the flea market considering it is amazing and was $1 a yard.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

new class

This is the model for my new class. It's a super simple and very handy.

Here is the finished pillow I made from the patch I made the other day. I'm sure it will end up in Andy's room when I'm not looking.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

good advice?

This hand embroidery is the first in a series. I was going with, advice to give Andy as she grows up and prepares to be on her own as a theme and can you believe it degenerated into silliness. There are several others on their way including wear clean underwear, don't go in the basement, don't talk (or IM) to strangers, and zombies require a head shot. I'm thinking of combining them all CRAZY quilt style, with lots of decorative stitching along the seams. we'll see.
This is just more fun from the embroidery machine. I'm thinking pillow for the kid. I'll probably do several rows of log cabin around the design and striped piping.
Yesterday the bees were kind enough to let me harvest a few lbs. of the lavender we share, in the back yard. Now the house smells delicious.
and then we have the funny shot of the week
Can you tell that LeeLoo likes Rick the best? She walked off the coffee table and onto his side the other night and just sat there until he got up.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

9 x9 is?

As part of putting the new machine through its paces I wanted to try out the quilting stitches. It has several. The one I used on the vintage 9 patch top was supposed to look like hand quilting. It doesn't really, but I will say this machines quilts well.
I haven't free motioned with it yet but I'm sure I will soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


On the list of things I obsessively buy you will find: mary janes, hand bags, old lady dresses and antique typewriters.
I cannot explain the latter. they are just so attractive to me. I am not a writer but I do love several of them.
Today I came across this mint condition Remington Rand Model 1 (late 20s early 40s).

It has the sweetest action EVER!
I spent most of my lunch at the park with Zach typing on it. How utterly sublime.
It seems this little puppy is worth some dough on the old type writer market (about $500) but oddly not as much as it's neighbor on the sideboard, Mr Smith. It would seem he brings down the tidy sum of $750 in really good condition, sadly he's lived hard and so we'll just keep letting kids write invisible tales on him forever.