Sunday, July 13, 2008

good advice?

This hand embroidery is the first in a series. I was going with, advice to give Andy as she grows up and prepares to be on her own as a theme and can you believe it degenerated into silliness. There are several others on their way including wear clean underwear, don't go in the basement, don't talk (or IM) to strangers, and zombies require a head shot. I'm thinking of combining them all CRAZY quilt style, with lots of decorative stitching along the seams. we'll see.
This is just more fun from the embroidery machine. I'm thinking pillow for the kid. I'll probably do several rows of log cabin around the design and striped piping.
Yesterday the bees were kind enough to let me harvest a few lbs. of the lavender we share, in the back yard. Now the house smells delicious.
and then we have the funny shot of the week
Can you tell that LeeLoo likes Rick the best? She walked off the coffee table and onto his side the other night and just sat there until he got up.

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