Friday, July 25, 2008

kids, babies and kitsch

So a few weeks ago I saw an interesting way to display small pieces of vintage fabric. They were inserting them into embroidery hoops and hanging them on the wall.
I loved the look of it with one exception. The screw on the frame. I'm not sure why (perhaps it's some 80's flash back) but I couldn't get past that. It just felt like under those amazing vintage fabrics hid a lace duck hot glued onto some "country blue" fabric with bad lace around the edge.
I have made several unsuccessful attempts to create this look without the dreaded screw. Yesterday I came across the answer, vintage metal embroidery hoops. I had seen these long ago but they did not come to mind while trying to solve this dilemma.

They are perfect. They are a lovely tarnished gray and have a very subtle spring instead of the offensive screw. They are lined with cork for a good strong hold as well. The thrift only had 3 so maybe some rotation of fabric will occur and I will no doubt be on the hunt for them from now on.
Regardless I love them!

Andy and Margo are the cutest red heads I know!
(Jes read no further lest you ruin the surprise)

Margo will be one very soon and with the new machine I have begun her birthday quilt. The illuminated letters are fantastic and the fabric I found is adorable. I have the design worked out in my head so it should be done very soon.

This will be the front with a nice dotted soft yellow flannel for the back.


ella ellis said...

wow! our children are gorgeous!

and i love the fabric for Margo's birthday quilt! YAY!

kathy said...

Lisa, Your daughter looks just like you!!!! I could get you mixed up.