Wednesday, July 2, 2008


On the list of things I obsessively buy you will find: mary janes, hand bags, old lady dresses and antique typewriters.
I cannot explain the latter. they are just so attractive to me. I am not a writer but I do love several of them.
Today I came across this mint condition Remington Rand Model 1 (late 20s early 40s).

It has the sweetest action EVER!
I spent most of my lunch at the park with Zach typing on it. How utterly sublime.
It seems this little puppy is worth some dough on the old type writer market (about $500) but oddly not as much as it's neighbor on the sideboard, Mr Smith. It would seem he brings down the tidy sum of $750 in really good condition, sadly he's lived hard and so we'll just keep letting kids write invisible tales on him forever.


Summerset said...

Neat! My mother had one when I was a child and could type like nobody's business on it, too. It was a grey Underwood.

Fred said...

Hit me with the serial # and I'll give you a production date. It's def 1934-41 (the years they made it with the tab key). I'll send you a link to a cleaning step-by-step.

k baxter packwood said...

I have two antique typewriters and for the same reason you collect them. What NO one has been able to explain is my love and fascination with air compressors and hand planes which I also collect.