Saturday, July 19, 2008

take'n it back

So I've been searching for a "new" chair or love seat for the living room to fill the space left by the silver tone and then I remembered that I already own it.
I think we put the wavy chair away 5 years ago. This wonderful family heirloom is going to rise again, with the help of $3 worth of perfectly matched fabric.
I'm going to pull it out of the club house strip the old upholstery and vacuum out all the spiders tomorrow and I'll be reading in it by tomorrow night. This will be the second time I've recovered this chair. It's a little tricky but not too bad.
During Zach's childhood it was covered in lt. pink fun fur. I did leave that on when I recovered it the last time (for nostalgia's sake). As you can see from the pic. LeeLoo is making sure the new covering is good enough for us to sit on. It's hard to believe you could match a 50 yr old damask as well as I did.
This other fabric is some I just couldn't leave at the flea market considering it is amazing and was $1 a yard.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful cloth! I can see why you couldn't leave it. That's a cool chair too.