Sunday, July 20, 2008


This morning I dragged the wavy chair out of the club house and set to redoing it.
I vacuumed all the baby spiders and their mommies out of the backside and then dragged it into the living room. It is as heavy and unwieldy as it looks.
It did only take a couple hours to upholster.

As you can see Wesley likes it just where it is.
LeeLoo helped me the whole time by sitting on some portion of it every time I turned it over. She was not even deterred when I rocked it as hard as I could.
The decision now must be made regarding the additiond of legs.


Fred said...

I vote for legs.

and I want a pair of pants from that other fabric. Hot to death.

lisa said...

I can't decide.
I also sooooo love that other fabric though.