Monday, November 10, 2008

pillows and cat baskets

It occurred to me as I pulled into the parking lot at work the other day that I should teach what I know. I am usually able to create most things just from a quick visual overlook, a skill that served me well in my last job where nothing had a pattern. I realized that I have made literally hundreds of self corded pillows and that I might have a trick or two that most folks don't. So I put this together for a class on Dec 12. I used Mark Lapinski's black and whites for the log cabin (it's nice to have exact opposites) and Mark Hordyszynski's red, white and blacks for the cord, center and back.

I also wanted to play with cloth baskets. I've made a few less bags than pillows in my day but not by much. I ran across vlijtig's ( tutoial on whipup and had the perfect fabric waitng. I made mine dramaticly larger but LeeLoo thinks it's just right.

One more thing before I go. Please remember that tomorrow is Veteran's day. I would like to thank all who have fought and are currently fighting to keep us safe and free. My biggest thanks to my brother Geoff. We love you!

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