Saturday, January 17, 2009

finally a desk!

I began to become aware that I need to replace my computer desk early last summer. I started to look for desks at the thrifts and even perused all the computer furniture departments at the local office supply stores, to no avail. I knew that it would eventually turn up and it has.
I found this beauty last Wednesday. It is in such great shape and is so perfect for the space. I love it!
And then as if finally finding the perfect desk this week was not enough the thrift gods have chosen to smile upon me again. Z and I stopped at a thrift in Jasper on our way back from the 3 degree birthday hike. I walked to the back and found the other 5 mugs that match my favorite mug. I'm sure everyone thought I was insane squealing about some dirty paint covered coffee mugs. I then jokingly told Z that in the sewing stuff area there would be a box of the metal embroidery hoops that I've been using to decorate the bath room. There was not a box of them, however there were 4 of the elusive and interesting ovals. Those are sure to turn up in next weeks post about the growing bath room wall grouping, but that must wait until I decide what to stitch out on them and Jesika comes over to arrange them aestheticly.


I, Mollie said...


are you a coffee or tea or both drinker?

and thank goodness for jesika helping us arrange things in our lives, eh?

ella ellis said...

those cups! my soul aches for them!

Anonymous said...

I just love it when stuff like this happens. God is shining on you!