Saturday, February 21, 2009

Inspired Women in Art

Last night was the awards ceremony for the Arts council's yearly show at the Women's hospital, Inspired Women in Art. I was told that I was one of the winners but nothing more than that. It was really fantastic to see all the amazing local art that is being created. It's so cool to hang with so many talented women. I love to see what everyone else feels driven to create and how they execute it. Zach and Andy had prior commitments so Jesika was my date. She's not in any of the shots because she is behind the camera as usual.

Claire was a winner in the 3D category.

Jean looks very excited about my first place win, as was I. I was just a little to terrified to make any sudden movements.


ella ellis said...

so proud of you - this is a great win!
that photo of Jean is killing me!

Summerset said...

Congratulations! How fun to win a prize.

kathy said...

Too bad your family had something else to do and couldn't share the moment...getting your award!

Lillian said...

first place! you go, sista