Friday, February 13, 2009

new chairs!

In the 70's when my folks built our house in WVa my mom saw an add for this beautiful butcher block table that was perfect for our new kitchen. I believe my dad had to travel to another state to get it. It was our family table my entire youth. I have eaten literally thousands of meals off it's warm smooth surface. It was relegated to storage when there was no longer a need for seating for 5 in the kitchen.
When Zach and I bought our house my parents gave it to us. It has long been a perfect center to all the shared meals with our freinds and family.
We have however never had matching chairs. Today we are moving on up to the eastside my friends. I found the perfect chairs at a very practical price. I like it like that.
Now all we need are some dinner guests.

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ella ellis said...

i am d roooooooo l ing ....
and we'd LOVE to come to dinner ; )