Saturday, March 14, 2009

AbyssCo. art/birthday party

Last night I opened a solo show at Fangirl's AbyssCo. in Evansville. This kick ass store is owned by my best friend and second biggest fan, Kristie (Zach being the biggest, of course). We combined it with my birthday party since I will be 39 on monday. The response was overwhelming and heartwarming.We had a blast and got to see lots of folks we haven't seen in forever. Rachel C. and her gang drove down from Bloomington a day early just for the occasion, and the Bousemans and the Zetas made delicious cakes. The kids ran and laughed to their hearts content. It was great.

My new piece was recived with all the interest and hilarity I could wish for.


ella ellis said...

jesus, i still feel JUST LIKE that facial expression.

kathy said...

hey, happy birthday, Lisa. Next year is the Really Big One.